Perio Protect Trays Home Care

Those with healthy gums:

  • Wear 1x a day for 15-20 minutes
  • Place a straight line of the Perio gel across the occlusal arch and place the tray into your mouth
  • If it is more comfortable to wear one tray at a time, then this method will take 30-40 minutes total
  • Remove trays, rinse out mouth and trays with cold water, then place trays in container to dry
  • 1 tube of Perio gel will last 6 weeks, if used 1x a day

Those with active gum infection:

  • Trays may be recommended to wear 2x to 3x a day, depending on the health of individual’s mouth
  • In office evaluation will be required after 2-4 weeks of initial use
  • After gums and inflammation recede, long term use is usually 1x day
  • If you started out with deeper pocket readings, a second set of trays will likely be recommended in the future after the gum tissue becomes healthy
  • 1 tube of Perio Gel will last 3 weeks, if used 2x a day or 2 weeks if used 3x a day

Vibramycin Syrup (for severe bone loss and inflammation):

  • Apply 2 drops per perio tray along with the perio gel
  • Mix evenly with a toothpick or small brush - recommended and not required since the perio gel will bubble and mix the solution
  • May require 4x per day use for the first 2 weeks or until next office visit


  • Reduces plaque, calculus, bleeding, and pocket depths
  • Promotes healthy gums
  • Will freshen breath – Perio gel has a light mint flavor
  • Will whiten teeth after using for 5 weeks
  • Can wear trays anytime and anywhere - like while driving, reading, playing video games, watching TV


  • Can cause occasional sensitivity – if so, we have options to alleviate
  • Be careful if you have pets – they will chew on the trays
  • Clean trays with cold water only (with or without a dedicated toothbrush) - hot water, mouthwashes, and cleaners will warp your trays