Dental Insurance


We recognize that insurance is constantly changing and is designed to be confusing. Dental insurance is not designed to pay for all dental care nor is it designed for optimal health. It is in your best interest to know and understand that insurance contracts have time limits, various exclusions, annual maximums, and/or various degrees of co-payment. Frustratingly, it is now unrealistic to expect anyone to understand and keep up with all of the changes and nuances in the insurance industry.

In the past we were able to provide accurate estimates in a confident, timely manner. However, we are unable to accurately estimate what and when insurance reimburses. As a result, we are requiring a down payment for any scheduled treatment, regardless of insurance. Once we have received insurance reimbursement, we will settle up directly with you.

All levels of payment by insurance companies are governed by premiums paid. They have nothing to do with the actual treatment rendered. Our fees are based upon a combination of our costs, our time, and our constant dedication to supplying our patients with the highest quality of dental care. The treatment recommended by our office is not based on what your insurance company will pay; our treatment should not be governed by your insurance contract. In many cases, treatment that is recommended by our providers for your health, specifically for you, may not covered by insurance. Again, insurance doesn't care for your health.

Great news!

Although we are an out-of-network provider and have no relationships with insurance companies, we accept any insurance that accepts us and gives you the freedom to see who you want! As a service to our patients we electronically bill (or in some instances paper bill) your insurance claims to request for reimbursement. We take pride in being your healthcare advocate and will work to get the best use out of your insurance benefit. Any required follow-up is initiated by our team directly to the insurance company. Since we are not the paying customer of the insurance, we might need to coach you on how to contact the insurance directly to receive the benefit you deserve.

Is dental insurance a requirement? Definitely Not! We find that there is no perfect or sought after dental insurance anymore. Most individual dental insurance plans have premiums (and deductibles) that cost more than preventative dental procedures such as oral wellness visits, x-rays, and examinations. However, we acknowledge that group insurance plans provided by employers are a wonderful benefit to offset some of the out of pocket costs of their employee(s).

We recommend taking advantage of Health Spending Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs). We find HSA's and FSA's to be helpful for our patients with or without dental insurance. Both options are provided by some employers and also can be setup individually as well. We find that you get a lot more freedom of use for your health care needs.

We are here for YOU!