Team Events

February: Celebrate Those You Love

Celebrate others

Acknowledging someone you love brings awareness to the relationship and bond you share. Start with 1 person and see how it makes you feel. Try another person and see how many you can work up to!

January: Spend time with your Pets

Chickens 3

The special bond between a pet and the owner is unique. They provide us with so many emotional benefits without using a formal spoken language. We love dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, goats, horses, fish, and more.

Our Greatest Wealth is our Health!

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We want to share a variety of awareness months which focus on boosting our emotional, psychological, and social well-being, in short, our mental health.

January: Spend time with your Pets

February: Celebrate Those You Love

March: Take time for Meditation

April: Plant and Work a Garden

May: Get up and Exercise

June: Spend time in the Great Outdoors

July: Enjoy outdoor Grilling/BBQing

August: Pack a Picnic

September: Nurture your Friendships

October: Read a book

November: Honor Family (those living and those who’ve passed away)

December: Give to Others